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Menu Plan for the week of August 9, 2013:  Sunday's Recipes

Fresh Tomato and Chevre (Goat Cheese) Tart
Cabbage Salad

Cooking time:  60 minutes for menu 25 minute break       Cooking schedule: see below for instructions

      This showcases garden ripened tomatoes - perfect for high summer.  The Cabbage Salad is for 2 meals.

Tomato and Chevre Tart 

Total time: 60 minutes, 45 if rice cooked earlier 

tart base   I use a brown rice crust for this; it's healthier.  But you could certainly use a proper pastry or pie crust if you prefer.  Instead of Prosciutto you could substitute a bit of regular, baked ham or smoked turkey.  And any cheese would work, just don't use too much.... Use the aged goat cheese that comes wit h a thin edible rind.



Note:  When baking quiches or tarts, I put the dish on a sturdy baking tray, before pouring in the egg mixture, for easier handling.

Cabbage Salad, traditional, sort of 

Total time: 20 minutes  
    This dressing is a combination of yogurt and mayonnaise, lending it a more traditional flavor.

Cabbage Salad Ingredients:


Cooking Schedule: 60 minutes for menu
Assemble all ingredients and utensils
Utensils: measuring cups, spoons, knives,
scissors, whisk, medium bowl, small saucepan with lid,
plate, quiche or pie plate, baking tray, large bowl,
small bowl

Start to cook rice
Turn oven on, 400F (200C)
Slice cheese
Slice tomatoes
Tear Prosciutto
Oil quiche dish
Shred cabbage
Slice pepper

Spread rice out to cool
Whisk eggs and yogurt
Add rice, mix
Pat into quiche dish
Bake crust
Make dressing for cabbage salad
Whisk eggs, yogurt for quiche
Remove crust, assemble quiche
Place quiche on baking tray
Pour eggs over quiche, bake
Finish Cabbage Salad
   Go do something for 30 minutes
Remove quiche when done and let rest
Slice quiche, stir salad, Serve!

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