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Chicken Breasts with Tarragon Mustard Sauce
Sweet Potato Oven Fries
Cauliflower Dijon

Cooking time:  35 minutes for menu      Cooking schedule: see below for instructions

      Sweet Potato Chips!  They're almost like candy - perfect for Halloween week....

Chicken Breasts with Tarragon Mustard Sauce  

Total time: 20 minutes
     Tarragon is a great herb for chicken, and a classic pairing in French cuisine.  The chicken is quickly pan-fried, then finished with a light tarragon sauce, with white wine and mustard.

Chicken Breasts with Tarragon Mustard Sauce Ingredients:


Sweet Potato Oven Fries

Total time: 35 minutes
  A bit crunchy on the outside from the caramelized sugars; like warm, creamy pudding on the inside.... Wonderful!

Sweet Potato Oven Fries Ingredients:


Cauliflower Dijon

Total time: 30 minutes
    A light coating of bread crumbs, herbs and mustard flavors this cauliflower. For a sharper flavor use hot mustard.

Cauliflower Dijon Ingredients:


Cooking Schedule: 35 minutes
Assemble all ingredients and utensils
Utensils: measuring cups, spoons, knives,
small skillet / lid, medium skillet, medium saucepan,
steamer basket and lid, baking sheet, medium bowl

Turn oven on, 400F (200C)
Cut sweet potatoes
Combine sweet potatoes, olive oil, stir well
Lay potatoes on baking sheet, bake
Sauté chicken breasts
Cut cauliflower, steam
Turn chicken breasts

Cover chicken, finish cooking
Turn potatoes if you like
       Pause while stuff cooks
Remove cauliflower, cover
Sauté garlic, basil
Add mustard, then crumbs
Add cauliflower, reheat
Remove chicken
Add herbs, wine, stock, mustard, stir
Spoon sauce over chicken
Remove sweet potatoes
Serve all

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