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We eat a wide variety of foods each week. The menus are seasonal: salads and outdoor cooking in summer; soups, roasts and braises in winter. 

For the 7 and 6 Day Menus we try very hard (and almost always succeed) in not having leftover bits at the end of the week. If one recipe uses 1/2 green pepper the other half of the pepper will be used in another recipe later in the week.

7 Day Menus

6 Day Menu

Main Course Only

Each menu includes:

The Shopping List:

For those lucky enough to have a grocery service you can send this off and have everything delivered

The Recipes:

I've cooked for 9, for 3 and for 2. I've catered dinner parties for 4 and for 30.  In any given cook book or magazine the recipes are for 2 or 4 or 6 or 8.  I decided, when I started this service, that increasing is easier than decreasing.

You will see recipes that use 1/4 cup of polenta, or 1/3 cup of rice.  I plan carefully to not make too much food.  We have 'planned-overs' not leftovers.

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