7 Day Menu Plan: Week 13  Winter II

This week on the Menu Plan:

eggs piperade   Eggs Pipérade

 risotto  Seafood Risotto

pasta with bacon and leeks Pasta with Bacon, Leeks

beef mushrooms Beef Patties, Mushrooms

Weekly Shopping List

             We've a definite Mediterranean influence this week: risotto from Italy, Pipérade from the Basque Country, Persillade from France... 
You could substitute pork chops for the lamb chops and 1 small chicken breast for either the scallops or the shrimp, if you prefer.
Save the rest of the tortillas (assuming a package of 8) for more enchiladas next week.
   Bon Appétit!

Friday:  Eggs Pipérade
Seafood Risotto

Saturday:  Cauliflower Soup with Gruyère
Baked Lamb Chops with Persillade
Potato Crisps
Chickpea Purée

Sunday:  Pasta with Bacon and Leeks
Fresh Fruit

Monday:  Chicken with Spanish Rice
Chickpea Purée

Tuesday:  Beef Patties with Mushrooms
Quinoa with Mushrooms
Cauliflower with Horseradish

Wednesday:   Tuna and White Bean Enchiladas

Thursday:    Pork Chops Diablo
Hot Cauliflower and Potato Salad