6 Day Menu Plan: Week 10  Fall II

This week on the Menu we have:

salmon pimientoRoasted Salmon with Red Pepper Sauce

mushroom risotto Mushroom Risotto

ginger meatballs  Spaghetti with Ginger Meatballs

Weekly Shopping List 

         Sadly, this is a week without other leftovers - but if you do have leftover Red Pepper Sauce, add it to the Spaghetti Sauce.  This will be the last stuffed vegetable of the season; and the first of the Brussels Sprouts.
   Bon Appétit!

Day 1: Salmon with Red Pepper Sauce
Mushroom Risotto
Broccoli with Shallots and Mustard

Day 2: Roast Cornish Hens with Herb Sauce
Potato and Garlic Gratin
Sautéed Brussels Sprouts

Day 3: Spaghetti with Ginger Meatballs
Brussels Sprouts with Butter and Pepper

Day 4: Pork Chops with Capers
Quinoa  with Mushrooms
Sautéed Carrots

Day 5: Chicken Breasts, Sweet and Sour
Fried Potatoes and Onions
Broccoli with Garlic and Parmesan

Day 6: Stuffed Bell Peppers, Oriental Style

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