7 Day Menu Plan: Week 2  Summer II

This week on the Menu Plan:

tomato pastry  Cherry Tomato Pastries

salmon asparagus Salmon, Avocado and Asparagus Pasta

turkey saladSalad with Potatoes, Turkey and Avocado

Weekly Shopping List 

     One last bit of asparagus.  I spoke too soon and there is a new crop in the markets.  We use the 1/2 green pepper from last week on Monday.  I used goat cheese for both the pastry (Friday) and the burgers (Wed.)  You could use Brie, Camembert or another soft cheese if you prefer. 
   Bon Appétit!

Friday:  Cherry Tomato and Pesto Pastry
Salmon, Smoked Salmon, Asparagus and Avocado Pasta

Saturday:  Composed Salad with Asparagus
Stuffed, Barbecued Pork Loin
Grilled Potatoes with Mustard and Vinegar
Sautéed Zucchini (Courgette) and Spinach

Sunday:  Leftover Barbecued Pork
Brown Rice and Spinach Pilaf

Monday:  Tuna Cannellini Pasta Salad

Tuesday:   Salad with Potatoes, Turkey and Avocado

Wednesday:   Cheeseburgers with Glazed Mushrooms
Quinoa with Fresh Herbs
Green Beans with Lemon and Soy Sauce

Thursday:   Grilled Chicken Breasts / Orange Mustard  Glaze
Lemon Garlic Basmati
Butter Braised Green Beans