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Choucroute Garni
Pasta with Brown Butter

Cooking time:  30 minutes for menu         Cooking schedule: see below for instructions

     This is something I like to fix at least once each winter.... As time is running out, today is the day. Sauerkraut can range from very strong to very salty to nicely flavored.  This recipe assumes it's strong. Taste it, rinse it, taste it again and rinse again if needed. The recipe will add in more subtle flavors. It's often served with spaetzle. We've opted for pasta in Browned Butter. Use egg noodles if you have any on hand.

Choucroute Garnie

Total time: 30 minutes
    Like many classic peasant dishes, a proper Choucroute Garni will feed a very large family, and normally will have several kinds of pork, ham, sausage, and possibly even duck. This is a scaled down version.

Simple Choucroute Garni Ingredients:


Pasta with Browned Butter and Pepper 

Total time: 30 minutes
   This was a staple in my family when I was a child. It's simple to make: brown the butter and add lots of black pepper.  Salt is optional.  It works well with just about everything, or all on it's own.

Pasta with Browned Butter Ingredients:


Cooking Schedule: 30 minutes
Assemble all ingredients and utensils
Utensils: measuring cups, spoons, knives,
large skillet with lid, medium skillet, pot and
colander for pasta

Put water on high heat for pasta
Sauté bacon
Chop onion
Mince garlic
Turn bacon
Sauté onion and garlic
Remove bacon, sauté sausages

Drain, kraut, taste, rinse as needed
Crumble bacon and stir into kraut
Add kraut, juniper, pepper, wine, bay to onions
Cover, simmer
Turn sausages
Start to cook pasta
Add sausages to kraut, cover, simmer
Drain pasta
Return pan to heat, brown butter
Add pepper, salt to butter
Add pasta, sauté, remove
Serve kraut, sausages, pasta

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