6 Day Menu Plan: Week 13  Winter II

This week on the Menu we have:

lamb chops Lamb Chops Persillade with Potato Crisps

 beef mushrooms Beef Patties, Mushrooms

 tuna enchilada  Tuna and White Bean Enchiladas

Weekly Shopping List

        You could substitute pork chops for the lamb chops and 1 small chicken breast for either the scallops or the shrimp, if you prefer.
       Save the rest of the tortillas (assuming a package of 8) for more enchiladas next week.
   Bon Appétit!

Day 1:  Seafood Risotto
Cauliflower Dijon

Day 2:  Baked Lamb Chops with Persillade
Potato Crisps
Chickpea Purée

Day 3:   Chicken with Spanish Rice
Chickpea Purée

Day 4:  Beef Patties with Mushrooms
Quinoa with Mushrooms
Cauliflower with Horseradish

Day 5:  Tuna and White Bean Enchiladas

Day 6:  Pork Chops Diablo
Hot Cauliflower and Potato Salad

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