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Butternut Squash Risotto
Apple Walnut Salad

Cooking time:  35 minutes for menu       Cooking schedule: see below for instructions

           Risotto season is back!  I love it in all versions.  First, the disclaimers: it's NOT difficult to make; it does NOT need to be stirred constantly; it should NOT be loaded with extra butter and fat; and it should NOT be stiff.  It should be almost soup-like when you take it off heat and pour it into the serving platter.  It will continue to thicken and just, barely, hold it's shape on a plate.  That's what makes it creamy and luscious!  The risottos I've eaten in Italy have all been served in flat soup bowls and eaten with a spoon. I steamed a bit more squash on the side....

Butternut Squash with Sage and Ham Risotto  

Total time: 35 minutes
   This is based on a recipe from the cook book 'Risotto'.   As always, the end result should be creamy, smooth, almost soup-like, never stiff.  The squash gives a bit of sweetness to the risotto and adds to the overall velvety texture... and it's a lovely color!

Butternut Squash with Sage and Ham Risotto Ingredients:


Note: The photo has a serving of steamed butternut squash on the side.

Apple and Walnut Salad

Total time: 10 minutes
   Perfect salad / dessert for fall or winter with my two favorite fall tree fruits:  apples and walnuts.

Apple and Walnut Salad Ingredients:


Cooking Schedule: 35 minutes
Assemble all ingredients and utensils
Utensils: measuring cups, spoons, knives,
small saucepan, medium saucepan, small skillet,
medium bowl

Heat chicken stock
Peel, clean squash if needed
Chop onion, tomato
Sauté onion, tomato in medium pan
Shred squash
Add squash to onion, tomato
Add rice to vegetables, sauté
Add wine to rice, stir
Cut ham

Stir rice
Sauté ham, sage, stir rice
Add stock to rice, stir
Grate Parmesan, stir rice
Continue stirring, adding stock, until almost done
In between stirring:
Mix yogurt, sugar, spices
Cut apples, add to yogurt, refrigerate
Taste rice, add more stock as needed
Done? Stir in ham and sage
Stir in Parmesan
Serve and eat!
Sprinkle Apple Salad with walnuts and serve

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