Menu Plan for Spring I: Week 6, Friday


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Artichokes with Lemon Sauce
Shrimp in Green Sauce
Orzo with Green Garlic and Mascarpone
Asparagus with Lemon Parsley Vinaigrette

Cooking time:  55 minutes for menu          Cooking schedule: see below for instructions

      Lovely fresh artichokes, steamed and served whole, make a leisurely first course.  The Shrimp in Green sauce is based on a Spanish recipe.  As long as I had the green garlic, Orzo seemed a good choice, made creamy with a bit of Mascarpone.  Asparagus finishes our spring dinner

Artichokes with Lemon Sauce 

Total time: 55 minutes 
           The artichokes take 40 - 50 minutes to steam. This can be done anytime and the artichokes can be served warm or cold. Have a small, sharp knife handy so that when you get all of the leaves off and are at the fuzzy choke you can cut it off and enjoy the bottom.... and put an an extra bowl on the table for the 'used' leaves.

Artichokes, Lemon Sauce Ingredients:


Shrimp in Green Sauce

Total time: 20 minutes 
    A typical 'green sauce' would be parsley, green onions and garlic.  If you can't get green garlic, use the substitutes.  This is reminiscent of the Italian Scampi, but without the butter....

Shrimp in Green Sauce Ingredients:


Orzo with Green Garlic and Mascarpone

Total time: 25 minutes  
   Cooking this small pasta in just enough liquid gives it a creamy texture, almost like risotto.  Stir in the Mascarpone at the end for a luscious finish.

Orzo with Green Garlic and Mascarpone Ingredients:


Asparagus with Lemon Parsley Vinaigrette     

Total time: 15 minutes 
     White or green asparagus is simply finished with a light Lemon Parsley vinaigrette. 



Cooking Schedule: 55 minutes
Assemble all food, utensils and serving dishes
Utensils: measuring cups, spoons, knives,
scissors, large pot with steamer basket and lid,
small saucepan with lid, large skillet with lid, baking
dish, whisk, small bowl, medium bowl (used 2 X)
Turn the oven on, 400F (200C)
Put steamer with water on to heat
Trim artichokes, steam
 Artichokes can be cooked earlier, left / room temp
Slice green garlic or green onions, garlic, divide
Clean, prepare shrimp if needed
Make dipping sauce for artichokes
Trim asparagus
Chop parsley
     Wee break while artichokes steam
Mix lemon, oil, parsley, green garlic

Add shrimp, mix well, put into baking dish
Make Lemon Parsley Vinaigrette
     When artichokes are almost done:
Sauté green garlic for orzo
Bake shrimp
Add orzo, wine, stock, to gr garlic, cover, simmer
Remove artichokes
Cook asparagus
Serve artichokes, relax, enjoy
  Half through check asparagus, remove if close
  Stir orzo, reduce heat if needed

Drain asparagus, put on serving dish
Whisk vinaigrette a bit, drizzle over asparagus
Stir Mascarpone into orzo
Remove shrimp

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