6 Day Menu Plan: Week 10  Winter II

This week on the Menu we have:

how sweet salmon Salmon, Hot and Sweet

 tournedos Tournedos with Creamy Brown Sauce

chicken noodle soup Chicken Noodle Soup

Weekly Shopping List

         We haven't had steak in awhile, and being more than halfway through winter deserves a treat. It also deserves a nice pot of Chicken Noodle Soup....  
   Bon Appétit!

Day 1:  Hot and Sweet Salmon
Almond Rice
Sesame Carrots

Day 2:  Filet Mignon with Creamy Brown Sauce
Potatoes Savoyard
Sautéed Sunchokes

Day 3:  Chicken Noodle Soup
Onion Biscuits

Day 4:   Pork Chops with Peppers and Olives
Potatoes Savoyard
Broccoli with Garlic Butter

Day 5:  Ham and Spinach Quiche

Day 6:  Stir-Fried Chicken and Broccoli with Barley

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