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Glazed Lamb Chops
Braised New Potato with Rosemary and Olives
Simple Fresh Spinach Gratin

Cooking time:  45 minutes for menu        Cooking schedule: see below for instructions

        Substitute pork or beef flank steak if you prefer, but use the same glaze.

Grilled Glazed Lamb Chops

Total time: 30 minutes
   We don't normally marinate lamb chops, but this added a light flavor and a slightly caramelized crust to the finished chop.  If you are not ready for the barbecue grill, they can be broiled (grilled in the oven) or pan-fried.

Grilled Glazed Lamb Chops Ingredients:


Braised New Potatoes with Rosemary and Olives

Total time: 40 minutes
     If you can't get new potatoes, or the they are large, cut them in half or quarters.  The wine, olives and rosemary lend a Mediterranean flavor.  Finish with a bit of sea salt, if you like.

Braised New Potatoes with Rosemary and Olives Ingredients:


Simple Fresh Spinach Gratin 

Total time: 45 minutes
   Fresh spinach cooks quickly, with a bit of stock to keep it moist.  It's topped with a seasoned mix of bread crumbs and shredded cheese for a quick, healthy side dish.

Fresh Spinach Gratin Ingredients:


Note:  I could barely get all the spinach in my dish; I had to press it down. Heating the stock helped wilt it so that it wasn't higher than the sides of the baking dish.  As it bakes, it collapses, and the gratin topping comes together.

Cooking Schedule: 45 minutes
Assemble all food, utensils and serving dishes
Utensils: measuring cups, spoons, knives,
scissors, small bowl, whisk, dish for marinating,
medium saucepan with lid, baking dish, foil,
barbecue grill or large skillet

Turn oven on, 375F (190C)
Pick through spinach, remove tough stems
Roughly chop spinach
Oil dish, add spinach
Heat stock (micro)
Pour stock over spinach
Mix crumbs, thyme, cheese
Sprinkle over spinach
Cover with foil, bake

Wash potatoes, cut if needed
Put potatoes, olives, rosemary, wine in pan
Cover, boil, reduce heat, simmer
Make marinade for lamb
Pour over lamb chops, set aside
Light/turn on barbecue grill
    Pause while everything cooks
Uncover potatoes, cook
    Pause again
Start to cook lamb chops
Check potatoes
Check spinach, uncover
Turn chops
Finish everything

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