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Beer Braised Beef

Cooking time:  100 minutes for menu        Cooking schedule: see below for instructions

    You can use Guinness for the beef, although this recipe is not a proper 'Beef in Gui ness', but any beer will do, although dark will be more flavorful. You should be able to buy single cans or bottles. 

Beef Braised in Beer with Caramelized Onions 

Total time: 90 minutes
     I cooked the beef for 90 minutes and it was meltingly tender.  I used sirloin, but you can use a cheaper, tougher cut and braise a bit longer if you want, another 30 minutes. The beer does an excellent job of tenderizing. This is a traditional dish from Flanders.

Beef Braised in Beer with Caramelized Onions Ingredients:



Total time: 40 minutes
      Mashed potatoes with cabbage, bacon and butter... In poorer times this would have been a meal, rather than a side dish.  We'll have it as a side dish for 2 meals; first mashed, then fried.

Colcannon Ingredients:


When the potatoes are done drain and mash.  Add the butter and milk.   Mash together.  Consistency should be of soft mashed potatoes.  Add more milk if needed.  Stir in the bacon and cabbage.  Mix well and serve.

Cooking Schedule: 100 minutes for menu
Assemble all food, utensils and serving dishes
Utensils: measuring cups, spoons, knives,
deep pot or Dutch oven, large skillet (used 2X), lid,
medium skillet, medium saucepan, lid, medium
bowl, potato masher or forks, baking sheet

Slice onions, sauté
Trim, cut beef, brown
Stir onions
Add half the beer to beef, wait for it to subside
Add the rest to the beer to beef, wait
Mind the onions
Add b. garni, mustard to beef, cover, simmer
Add sugar to onions, stir
Add vinegar, stir
Add onions to beef, stir

      40 minute break
Shred cabbage
Sauté bacon
Chop onion
Turn bacon
Peel potatoes, cut into chunks, cook
Remove bacon, add onion, sauté
Add cabbage to onions
Add stock, cover, simmer
Dissolve cornstarch in water
Drain, mash potatoes
Add butter, milk, mash
Add cabbage, bacon, stir
Remove beef to platter
Increase heat and thicken sauce
Spoon sauce, onions over beef, serve

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