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Oriental Asparagus Salad
Salmon with Tomato Leek Salsa
Polenta with Fresh Herbs

Cooking time: 30 minutes for menu      Cooking schedule: see below for instructions

     With the salad and asparagus for the first course, and the tomatoes and leek with the salmon, I didn't do an additional vegetable with this meal.... making this a very quick weekend dinner.
Note:  select and cut the 12 asparagus tips for tomorrow night and use the ends as well as the rest in this salad.

Oriental Asparagus Salad

Total time: 30 minutes
     I often fix this as a vegetable for a Chinese Dinner but, since I now have some lettuce in my garden, I thought to pair it with some eggs and cherry tomatoes for a first course salad. You could substitute avocado for the asparagus, or just use more greens. 

Oriental Asparagus Salad Ingredients:


Grilled Salmon with Warm Tomato Leek Salsa

Total time: 20 minutes
    Salmon is the perfect fish for grilling and smoking: a light brushing of olive oil and a few herbs are all it needs.

Grilled Salmon with Warm Tomato Leek Salsa Ingredients:


Polenta with Fresh Herbs

Total time: 15 minutes assuming quick-cooking polenta
     This is a simple polenta dish, allowing the flavors of the fresh herbs to dominate.  Check the package directions for quantity proportions. It should be like soft mashed potatoes.

Polenta with Fresh Herbs Ingredients:


Cooking Schedule: 30 minutes
Assemble all food, utensils and serving dishes
Utensils: measuring cups, spoons, knives,
scissors, small bowl, medium bowl, whisk, 2 small
saucepans, 1 lid, barbecue grill, grill basket or pan

Turn on/light barbecue grill or oven 400F (200C)
Cook eggs
Heat water for asparagus
Trim, cut asparagus
Mix soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil
Blanch asparagus
Drain asparagus, rinse, drain again
Pat asparagus dry
Add asparagus to marinade, stir, set aside
Clean, slice leeks
Sauté chili powder
Add leeks, sauté
Prepare salad greens
Mind the eggs

Snip all herbs
Chop tomatoes, add to leeks
Slice cherry tomatoes
Make vinaigrette
Add chopped tomatoes to leeks, sauté
Prepare salmon
Add herbs to tomato/leek, remove from heat
Heat stock for polenta
Cool, peel, quarter eggs
Make polenta, stir
Stir herbs into polenta, cover, set aside
Make salad, arrange on plates
Start to cook salmon 10 minutes earlier / oven
Serve salad
After 7 minutes, check salmon move off heat
Finish salad
Done? Remove salmon
Stir Polenta, thin if needed,
Arrange Salmon and Salsa, Serve

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