Menu Plan for Summer II: Week 10, Saturday


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Tomato Consommé
Grilled Hens with Molasses Glaze
Pesto Potato Salad
Green Beans with Butter and Pine Nuts

Cooking time:  60 minutes for menu, plus 5 early     Cooking schedule: see below for instructions

       Okay.... Just this once I used canned soup.  I don't now, but I did.  I give you both ways.  Your choice.   And commercial pesto also (for shame)... Unless you are one of the lucky ones with access to lots of basil. Both are on the Shopping List.

Tomato Consommé

Total time: 5 minutes
     This is my favorite "too hot to cook starter".  Here are 2 versions.... The really easy way.:

Tomato Consommé Ingredients:


 The other easy way:



Grilled Cornish Hens (Poussin) with Molasses Glaze

Total time: 60 minutes
    The combination of molasses, vinegar and soy sauce gives the chicken a flavor reminiscent of Peking Duck and leaves the crisp skin a lovely mahogany color.

Grilled Cornish Hens (Poussin) with Molasses Glaze Ingredients:


Note: One would probably be enough for 2 people if it is on the larger side...  Or you can substitute your favorite chicken pieces for the hens.

Pesto Potato Salad

Total time: 25 minutes
   Pesto is not just for pasta!  A spoonful in this or that adds a depth of summery basil flavor.  Or use a lot, for this creamy potato salad.  As usual, we try to keep the calories and fat down by using yogurt rather than mayonnaise.

Pesto Potato Salad Ingredients:


Homemade Pesto                     Time: 10 minutes



Green Beans with Butter and Pine Nuts

Total time: 20 minutes
  I like the flavor pine nuts add, just sprinkling a few on a vegetable or salad can turn a plain dish into something a little more special.  Quickly sautéing them in butter adds a light toasting.

Green Beans with Butter and Pine Nuts Ingredients:


Cooking Schedule: 60 minutes, plus 5 early
Assemble all food, utensils and serving dishes
Utensils: measuring cups, spoons, knives,
scissors, 2 small saucepans, medium saucepan,
lid, medium saucepan with steamer basket, lid,
blender, medium nonstick skillet, barbecue grill
Earlier in the day:
Heat water, Madeira, stock  or consomme
Dissolve gelatin 
Stir in tomato juice
Chill - stir later if you remember
Dinner time:
Turn on/light barbecue grill
Make glaze for hens
Prepare hens
Start to cook hens, baste
Boil water for potatoes
Cut potatoes, add to water, cook
Heat water in steamer for beans

Top and tail beans, steam
Baste hens
Make pesto if doing homemade, refrigerate extra
Drain potatoes, allow to cool
Baste hens
Stir consommé
Make Pesto Dressing for potatoes
Remove beans, allow to cool
Toast pine nuts, remove skillet from heat
Snip basil
Baste hens
Serve consomme
      Relax, wait for the hens to finish
Done? Hens done?
Remove hens, let rest
Add butter to pine nuts heat
Add beans, heat through
Stir dressing into potatoes
Serve - don't forget the finger bowls....

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