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Pizza Steaks
Parmesan Polenta
Brussels Sprouts with Lemon Butter

Cooking time:  35 minutes for menu       Cooking schedule: see below for instructions

      If you have tender steaks, cook them quickly.  For tougher cuts braise a bit longer - up to an hour. Use the drained tomato juices in the Lentil Soup.

Pizza Steaks

Total time: 25 minutes 
      A thick sauce of tomatoes and oregano lend the 'pizza' taste to these steaks.  You can simmer the steaks in the sauce for more flavor, if you like, be we prefer our steaks more on the medium rare side so we just spooned the sauce on top. 

Pizza Steaks Ingredients:


Note:  If using a tougher cut, brown first, then add to sauce and simmer 15 - 45 minutes.

Parmesan Polenta

Total time: 10 minutes  
     Check the package directions for quantity proportion - you may have to add more (or less) liquid to get a soft consistency.  It can be adjusted at the end, before serving.   This should be like mashed potatoes.

Parmesan Polenta Ingredients:


Brussels Sprouts with Lemon Butter

Total time: 15 minutes 
    Lemon add a fresh taste to vegetables and goes well with thyme. The sprouts are cooked quickly to prevent the strong, bitter taste common to overcooked cruciferous vegetables.

Brussels Sprouts with Lemon Butter Ingredients:


Cooking Schedule: 35 minutes for menu
Assemble all food, utensils and serving dishes
Utensils: measuring cups, spoons, knives,
small saucepan, lid, 2 medium skillets, large skillet

Trim Brussels sprouts, cut
Grate Parmesan
Chop onion, mince garlic
Roughly chop tomatoes (reserve juices for soup)
Sauté onion, paprika for steak
Add garlic, sauté
Heat stock for polenta
Add cumin, paprika to skillet, sauté
Cook sprouts

Add tomatoes to skillet for pizza sauce, simmer
Stir polenta into stock, cook, stirring
Stir cheese, nutmeg, milk into polenta
Cover, keep warm
Heat skillet for steaks
Sauté steaks
Remove sprouts from pan, add butter
Turn steaks
Add lemon, herbs, sprouts to butter, sauté
Stir polenta, add stock if needed
Finish sprouts
Remove steaks, spoon sauce over (or next to)

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