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Peppered Pork Tenderloin with Red Wine Reduction
Potato Feta Cakes
Braised Red Cabbage

Cooking time: 60 minutes for menu          Cooking schedule: see below for instructions

         We'll make the red cabbage with this dinner and have it again during the week  Plus it freezes well.  We'll use more feta during the week, also.

Peppered Pork Tenderloin in Red Wine Sauce

Total time: 30 minutes
    Remember that, while adding a lot of flavor, pepper can be quite hot.  Be a bit careful, particularly if you are grinding fresh peppercorns, as these will be hotter than the old stuff in the can in your pantry....

Peppered Pork Tenderloin in Red Wine Sauce  Ingredients:


Potato and Feta Cakes

Total time: 40 minutes
   I like Potato Cakes well enough that I don't always wait for leftover mashed potatoes to make them. The potatoes only take about 12 minutes to cook, and they are a bit drier than traditional mashed, letting the cakes stay together well, even with the feta.

Potato and Feta Cakes Ingredients:


Red Cabbage

Total time: 60 minutes
     This is a wonderful, colorful side dish for fall and winter.  Red cabbage is the perfect, and traditional, accompaniment to game, roast goose and duck.  I also think it goes beautifully with pork.  This will make enough for 2 or 3 meals (maybe more, depending on the size of the head).  It freezes well if you have more than you want for this week.  Just thaw and reheat!

Red Cabbage Ingredients:


Cooking Schedule: 60 minutes
Assemble all food, utensils and serving dishes
Utensils: measuring cups, spoons, knives,
heavy pot or Dutch oven with lid, medium skillet,
large nonstick skillet

Slice bacon
Sauté bacon for cabbage
Chop onion
Start to slice cabbage
Add onion to bacon, sauté
Finish slicing cabbage
Add cabbage to bacon, onion
Add wine, vinegar, stock, juice, sugar
Stir well, bring to a boil, cover, simmer
Peel, cut potatoes, boil
     15 minute break while stuff cooks

Drain potatoes, mash, cool
Slice pork, press in pepper
Sauté pork
Chop apple, add to cabbage
Mince garlic
Crumble feta
Whisk eggs, yogurt, chives
Add potatoes, feta, stir
Turn pork
In large skillet make and sauté potato cakes
Add remaining ingredients to pork, cover, simmer
    Pause while it all cooks
Turn potato cakes
Remove pork, reduce sauce, spoon over pork
Finish Potato Cakes
Serve all

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