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Carrot Soup with Ginger and Sherry
Steak with Marchand de Vin Sauce
Turned Potatoes and Carrots

Cooking time: 50 minutes for menu          Cooking schedule: see below for instructions

        I make soup when I make the Turned Potatoes; it's a good way to use up the scraps and I don't feel like I'm wasting food to make something fancy.  The Turned Potatoes and Carrots make an impressive side dish and, while they are a bit fussy, they're not difficult.  The Marchand de Vin is another French Classic - but this is an easy adaptation.

Carrot Soup with Ginger and Sherry

Total time: 35 minutes
   A velvety soup with just hint of spice from the ginger!  Add more if you like....  The sherry cuts the carrot's sweetness just enough, and the potato adds a bit more substance.  Add more or less chicken stock according to preference.

carrot soup Ingredients:


Filet Mignon with (simple) Marchand de Vin Sauce

Total time: 30 minutes
   This sauce in lovely with filet mignon, but use any tender steak that you like.  Use a hot skillet or grill pan to cook quickly, adjusting time for desired degree of doneness.  The sauce is simple, but intensely flavorful... And easier than the original.

Filet Mignon with (simple) Marchand de Vin Sauce Ingredients:


Turned Potatoes and Carrots

Total time: 45 minutes
     These look trickier than they are: they take a bit of work and planning but make an impressive side dish for steaks or roasts.  The carving and blanching can be done in advance, making it an elegant party dish as well. You should be able to turn potatoes and carrots for 2 people in 5 - 10 minutes.

Turned Potatoes and Carrots Ingredients:


Cooking Schedule: 50 minutes
Assemble all food, utensils and serving dishes
Utensils: measuring cups, spoons, knives,
bowl, medium saucepan, small saucepan with lid,
large saucepan, medium nonstick skillet, large
skillet, blender

Fill large saucepan half full of water, heat to boiling
Fill bowl half full of cool water
Chop onion, sauté for soup
Mince ginger if using fresh, add to onions
Peel potatoes, put into bowl of water
Add stock to pan for soup
Select a potato, make 'turned' potatoes
Add the potato trimmings to soup as you work
Repeat, keeping finished potatoes in water
Peel carrots, make turned carrots
Add carrot trimmings to soup as you work
Peel, chop 2 more carrots, add to soup
Add sage to soup, cover, simmer
Blanch turned potatoes, carrots for 5 minutes
Clean mushrooms
Drain potatoes, carrots, allow to cool
Select mushroom caps for garnish, chop rest
Chop ham for sauce reserve 1 slice for garnish
Chop shallots
Mince garlic

Put chopped mushrooms, ham, stock, wine, shallot, garlic in saucepan
Bring to boil, reduce heat, simmer hard
Slice mushrooms, Prosciutto for garnish
Heat oil in skillet
Sauté mushrooms, ham for garnish
Dissolve cornstarch in stock, set aside
Check the soup, purée when ready, add milk, reheat
Remove mushroom/ham garnish, set aside
Heat butter, oil in skillet for potatoes/carrots
Sauté potatoes/carrots
Finish soup, serve
Interrupt soup once to mind potatoes/carrots
Turn sauce off if ready
Finish soup - Done?
Turn/flip potatoes, carrots
Strain sauce, reheat
Heat skillet for steak
Add cornstarch to sauce, thicken, cover, keep warm
Sauté steaks
Finish potatoes, carrots
Turn steaks
Spoon some sauce on plates
When steaks are ready, place on sauce, garnish
Add potatoes, carrots to plates
Serve, remaining sauce on the side

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