7 Day Menu Plan: Week 4  Winter II

This week on the Menu Plan:

veal with olivesBraised Veal with Olives and Capers

feta tartFeta and Caper Tart

cocquilles st jacquesCoquilles St. Jacques

 speghetti med stylePasta with Mediterranean Meat Sauce

Weekly Shopping List

            One more week of holiday eating then back to being a Healthy Gourmet! 
Again, I have tried to keep them simple, or, if not simple, at least easy. Friday dinner is a bit different as we're having seafood later in the week. The recipe uses ground beef but substitute leftover ham if you have it. We have, traditionally, stopped the holiday foods with the New Year's Eve Dinner and made something comforting on New Year's Day.

Happy Holidays        Happy New Year      Bonne Année       Bon Appétit!

Friday:   Mushrooms Stuffed with Bacon
Pasta with Mediterranean Meat Sauce
Glazed Tarragon Carrots

Saturday:  Caramelized Onion Crespèu
Braised Veal with Olives and Capers

Sunday:  Ham and White Bean Risotto
Fresh Fruit or Christmas cookies

Monday:  Turkey Cutlets / Mustard, Onion Pan Sauce
Parmesan Potato Crisps
Broccoli with Bacon and Mustard

Tuesday:  Chicken / Tarragon Mushroom Cream, Pasta

Wednesday:   New Year's Eve
Feta and Caper Tarts
Coquilles St. Jacques
Basmati Rice with Mushrooms
Broccoli with Lemon Pepper
Coffee and Chocolates

Thursday:   New Year's Day
Split Pea Soup
Cheese Popovers

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