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 tuna salad
 Tuna Cannellini Pasta Salad

Menu Plan for the week of May 24, 2013:  Tuesday's Recipes

Tuna Cannellini Pasta Salad

Cooking time:  25 minutes for menu      Cooking schedule: see below for instructions

     We'll use the rest of the white beans in this salad. Use however much yogurt is left, between 1/3 - 1/2 cup for the dressing. Use the other half of bell pepper, (whatever color) in the Asian Chicken Salad tomorrow.

Tuna Cannellini Pasta Salad, Creamy Herb Dressing               Time:  25 minutes
     With the addition of white beans this becomes a main meal pasta salad.  Using a yogurt based rather than mayonnaise based dressing keeps it healthy... but still creamy.   

1 1/4 cups farfalle, fusilli, something bite-size
1 tbs good olive oil
9oz (270gr) tuna
1 1/4 cup (10oz, 300gr) white beans (cannellini)
3oz (90gr) cherry tomatoes,  about 1/2 cup
1/2 cup green olives
2 - 3 ribs sliced celery, about 2/3 cup
1/2 green or red bell pepper  
1 tbs fresh snipped tarragon
1 tbs fresh snipped chives
Creamy Dressing

Cook pasta according to package directions.  When done, drain, rinse with cool water, put in a large bowl and toss with 1 tbs olive oil. 
Open, drain and rinse beans.  Open and drain tuna.  Cut cherry tomatoes and olives in half.  Slice celery - diagonally is nice.  Cut pepper into matchsticks, then in half.  Snip herbs.  Make dressing. 
Add half of the dressing to the pasta and toss gently to coat.  Break up tuna and add to pasta along with the rest of the ingredients,  Toss lightly to combine.  Taste and add as much more dressing as desired.  I used it all.  Serve.

Creamy Herb Dressing

1/2 cup (4oz, 125ml) Greek or plain yogurt 
1 tbs Dijon mustard
1 tbs lemon juice
1 tbs fresh snipped chives        Substitute 2 tsp dried
1 tbs fresh snipped tarragon    Substitute 2 tsp dried
2 tbs good olive oil

Snip tarragon and chives with scissors.  In small bowl whisk yogurt, mustard and lemon juice.  Add oil, a bit at a time and whisk well.  Add herbs.  This will keep a week.

Cooking schedule: 25 minutes
Assemble all food, utensils and serving dishes
Utensils: measuring cups, spoons, knives
small bowl, whisk, large bowl, strainer, pot and
colander for pasta

Put water on high heat for pasta
Snip all herbs
Make dressing
Get beans from fridge
Open tuna, drain

Slice cherry tomatoes, olives in half
Slice celery at an angle
Slice pepper into matchsticks, cut in half
Start to cook pasta
     Pause while the pasta cooks
Drain pasta, toss with oil
Add some dressing to pasta, toss
Add rest of the ingredients, toss
Taste, add more dressing as desired
Toss gently and serve.

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