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Teriyaki Grilled Swordfish
Polenta Salad
White Bean and Celery Salad

Cooking time: 30 minutes plus 10 earlier      Cooking schedule: see below for instructions

     Swordfish is easy to get here, and not much more costly than salmon (which is relatively cheap).  You can substitute any firm , thick fish suitable for grilling, whatever is good in your market.  And, you could actually use stale bread for the salad. This is salad night.... Easy.

Teriyaki Grilled Swordfish

Total time: 15 minutes
       The steaks we had were quite thin, about 1/3" (1cm).  They cooked very quickly on the grill, about 2 minutes per side.  If you prefer, you can quickly pan-fry them for about the same amount of time. We use a grill basket for fish; it makes it easier to handle the filets or steaks.  You could also use a silicone mat - but no grill marks!

Teriyaki Grilled Swordfish Ingredients:


Polenta Salad

Total time: 10 minutes   plus 10 minutes earlier
   The cooking time assumes quick-cooking polenta.  This idea came from the recipe for Italian Bread Salad.  We so rarely have the type of bread needed for the salad (leftover) I decided to come up with my own version using polenta cubes.  I used a combination of Greek and green olives, but any will work.  Use your favorites.

Polenta Salad Ingredients:


Note:  Polenta can vary between brands and types. When making polenta for cooling and cooking again, either frying or on the grill, it's important to get it very stiff. It should be hard to stir, and hold any shape you put it in when you are done cooking it - before chilling it.  If it isn't stiff enough, sprinkle another 1 - 2 tsp polenta per 1/4 cup on the cooked polenta and stir in, vigorously.  When cool it should be very firm.  

Note 2:  Polenta can be cooled quickly by setting the metal or heat-proof pan in a bit of cold water to start, then putting it in the fridge or freezer. If cooling quickly, don't cover.

White Bean and Celery Salad

Total time: 15 minutes
    Lightly sautéed carrots and onions add color to this easy salad of cannellini and celery.  Lots of fresh herbs and a lemony vinaigrette finish it.  For a light lunch, add some good, canned tuna and crusty baguette.

White Bean and Celery Salad Ingredients:


Cooking schedule: 30 minutes plus 10 earlier
Assemble all food, utensils and serving dishes
Utensils: measuring cups, spoons, knives,
scissors, small saucepan, flat pan/dish for cooling
polenta, whisk, small skillet, medium nonstick
skillet, 2 medium bowls, barbecue grill and basket
or mat or large skillet
Line/oil dish for cooling polenta
Make polenta
Pour polenta into dish to cool, refrigerate
Toast sesame seeds if needed
Chop onion, carrot
Mince garlic
Sauté onion, carrot, garlic
Slice celery
Snip all herbs
Open, drain, rinse beans

Turn on/light barbecue grill
Squeeze lemon, if using, make vinaigrette
Remove carrots, onion, garlic from heat
Put all ingredients for bean salad into bowl
Add vinaigrette, stir, set aside
Cut cherry tomatoes, olives, mozzarella
Put herbs, tomatoes, olives, mozz in 2nd bowl
Whisk oil, vinegar, add to bowl
Cut polenta into cubes
Prepare fish basket
Brush Teriyaki sauce on fish, put fish in basket
Sauté polenta
Grill fish
Turn polenta
Turn fish
Finish Polenta Salad
Remove fish
Finish fish and serve

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