Menu Plan for Winter II: Week 5, Friday


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Mushroom  Strudel with Tomato Sauce
Shrimp with Feta and Greek Olives on Pasta
Sunchoke Chips

Cooking time:  35 minutes for menu          Cooking schedule: see below for instructions

       Phyllo dough can be refrozen twice.  I rarely use an entire package but I try to use as many sheets as possible.  The Shrimp Pasta should use the rest of the feta. Start to marinate the beef for Saturday.

Mushroom Strudel with Tomato Sauce

Total time: 25 minutes
    Strudel is easy to make and fun to serve. Filo (phyllo) is in either the dairy or freezer section of the supermarket.  If the filo is frozen remember to thaw earlier. Use a soft brush if possible.

Mushroom Strudel with Tomato Sauce Ingredients:


Shrimp with Feta and Greek Olives

Total time: 25 minutes
   Shrimp with a Greek flavor: with tomatoes, dry or salt-cured black olives and finished with Feta cheese.  The feta I get is sheep's milk (brebis - traditional) and comes in 7oz (200gr) blocks.  Add it at the end so it stays in chunks, rather then melting into the sauce.

Shrimp with Feta and Greek Olives Ingredients:


Sunchoke Chips

Total time: 30 minutes
  Sliced, coated with oil and baked. Simple, delicious.

Sunchoke Chips Ingredients:


Cooking Schedule: 35 minutes
Assemble all food, utensils and serving dishes
Utensils: measuring cups, spoons, knives.
pastry brush, small saucepan, medium skillet,
2 baking sheets, medium bowl, pot and colander
for pasta, large skillet with lid
Beef for Saturday
   Cut beef into cubes
   Peel onion, garlic
   Cut onion, stud with cloves
   Put beef, onion, garlic, bouquet garni in deep bowl
   Add vinegar, 2 cups red wine, more if needed
   Cover, refrigerate
Turn the oven on, 400F (200C), arrange 2 shelves
Thaw phyllo if needed (earlier if possible)
Chop all shallots, divide
Sauté shallots for strudel
Chop mushrooms, add to shallots, sauté
Mince all garlic, divide
Add garlic to mushrooms, sauté     
Add Worcestershire, wine to mushrooms, cook
Put water on high heat for pasta
Grate Parmesan
Add mustard, yogurt to mushrooms, take off heat
Lay out 1 sheet of Phyllo, brush with oil
Sprinkle phyllo with Parmesan

Lay other sheet of phyllo on top, brush with oil
Spoon mushrooms on phyllo
Roll strudel, put on baking sheet, brush / oil, bake
Peel sunchokes
Slice sunchokes, coat / oil, lay on baking sheet, bake
Sauté shallots for shrimp
Sauté garlic for Tomato Sauce
Add garlic to shallots for shrimp, sauté
Add tomato sauce, Worcestershire to garlic, simmer
Open tomatoes, roughly chop
Add tomatoes, juices to shallots, simmer, very low
Cut olives, cube feta, set aside
Remove Strudel, slice, arrange on plates
Spoon Tomato Sauce on the side
Cook pasta (assuming 15 minutes cooking time)
Serve Strudels
Turn heat up under tomatoes
Add shrimp to tomato sauce when hot
Drain pasta when done, put in serving bowl
Remove sunchokes, finish
Add olives when shrimp are cooked
Add some sauce to pasta, toss to coat
Add remaining sauce, shrimp
Top with Feta

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