This week on the Menu we have:

fish with mustard sauce
Baked Snapper with
Lemon-Mustard Sauce

steak with onions
Steak with Shallot and
Red Wine Reduction

sunchoke chips
Sunchoke Chips

Weekly Menu Planner: February 15, 2013

       When I did the shopping list I realized I was on a bit of a 'shallot' binge this week.  Feel free to substitute 1/2 an onion for every 2 shallots if you prefer.  They're inexpensive in my market, so I use them a lot. They have a milder flavor than onion, with just a hint of garlic.  We're using celeriac this week, as well, not a vegetable I use often, even though I really like it. And in case you're curious about all the Brussels Sprouts - they usually come in big bags.....
   Bon Appétit!

Day 1:   Baked Snapper with Lemon Mustard Sauce
Creamy Polenta
Brussels Sprouts with Prosciutto and Shallots

Day 2:   Steak with Shallot and Red Wine Reduction
Scalloped Potatoes
Sunchoke Chips

Day 3:   Pork and Celeriac Stew
Quinoa with Browned Shallots

Day 4:   Chicken Breasts Duxelles
Scalloped Potatoes, leftover
Brussels Sprouts with Celeriac

Day 5:   Chicken Breasts / Tarragon Mushroom Cream over Pasta

Day 6:   Turkey with Peanut Sauce
Basmati Oriental Pilaf
Sautéed Sliced Brussels Sprouts

Shopping List for this Week


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