This week on the Menu we have:

Grilled Steak with Spicy Rub

Sautéed Zucchini (Courgette) with Shallots

cobb pasta salad
 Cobb Pasta Salad

Weekly Menu Planner: August 9, 2013

         I'm discovering lime - it's not just for Gin & Tonics! Feel free to substitute lemon.  We'll be doing more stuffed vegetables during the fall season, using 6oz (180gr) sausage and/or ground beef, so you can plan and freeze accordingly. The cabbage will be used for 2 dishes as well.  And we moved a few things back to the kitchen.  Summer is slipping away - but we're still celebrating the tomato!
   Bon Appétit!

Day 1:  Grilled Scallops on Avocado Sauce
Quinoa and Green Bean Salad

Day 2: Grilled Steak with Spicy Rub
French Potato Salad
Sautéed Courgette (Zucchini) with Shallots

Day 3:  Fresh Tomato and Chevre Tart
Cabbage Salad

Day 4:  Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken
Grilled Potatoes and Onion
Cabbage Salad

Day 5:   Cobb Pasta Salad

Day 6:   Zucchini (Courgette) Stuffed with Couscous and Sausage

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