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turkey balsamic
Balsamic Glazed Turkey Cutlets

rice pilaf salad
Rice Pilaf Salad

Menu Plan for the week of June 14, 2013: Day 6 Recipes

Balsamic Glazed Turkey Cutlets
Brown Rice Pilaf Salad

Cooking time:  20 minutes for menu          Cooking schedule: see below for instructions

      If you are unable to find turkey cutlets, and don't have an accommodating butcher to cut them for you, use chicken breasts or buy turkey tenderloin and slice it yourself with a sharp knife

Balsamic Glazed Turkey Cutlets                           Preparation and cooking time:  25 minutes
Because the cutlets are thin they take well to marinades and cook quickly, without drying out.  If they are large, cut to a more manageable size. 

2 - 4 turkey cutlets, depending on size, 12oz total weight (360gr)
1 tbs Dijon-style mustard
2 tbs Balsamic vinegar
2 tbs olive oil

Mix mustard and vinegar.  Slowly whisk in olive oil until you have a thick marinade.  Pour over turkey and let marinate for at 10 - 15 minutes.  Remove from marinade and cook on barbecue grill for 3 - 5 minutes per side or until done. 
OR sauté in nonstick skillet for 4 - 6 minutes a side or until done.  Remove and serve.

Rice Pilaf Salad                                                          Preparation and cooking time:  15 minutes
 Part of what cooking in summer is all about is making things easy.  Cooking extra Rice Pilaf to use to make a salad is a perfect example.  All that's needed is more vegetables and a light vinaigrette to make a great summer salad!  Any leftover salad makes a lovely lunch.  This dressing is similar to Ranch, but with far fewer calories and all natural ingredients.

leftover brown rice pilaf
15oz (450gr) red kidney beans
3oz (90gr) cherry tomatoes   about 1/2 cup before slicing
2 tbs snipped fresh basil
Creamy Herb Dressing 
1/2 cup (4oz, 125ml) Greek or plain yogurt 
1 tbs Dijon mustard
1 tbs lemon juice
1 tbs fresh snipped chives 
2 tbs salad olive oil         

Drain and rinse the beans.  Add to leftover Rice Pilaf and mix well. Slice the tomatoes and add.  Snip the basil and add. 
Make the dressing: Snip chives with scissors.  In small bowl whisk yogurt, mustard and lemon juice.  Add oil, a bit at a time and whisk well.  Add herbs. ( This will keep a week.... And makes a great dip for raw veggies.)
Add half of the Herb Dressing to the salad and taste.  Add more until your happy.  Serve.

Cooking schedule: 20 minutes
Assemble all food, utensils and serving dishes
Utensils: measuring cups, spoons, knives,
scissors, small bowl (used 2X), medium bowl,
marinating dish, barbecue grill or large skillet

Make marinade for turkey, spoon over
Light/turn on barbecue grill if using
Cut tomatoes in half

Snip herbs
Open, drain, rinse beans
Make dressing
Grill turkey
Make salad
Turn turkey
Remove turkey

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