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shrimp green garlic
Shrimp in Green Sauce

polenta with herbs
Polenta with Fresh Herbs

Asparagus with Lemon
and Oil

Menu Plan for the week of April 26, 2013: Day 1 Recipes

Shrimp in Green Sauce
Polenta with Fresh Herbs
Asparagus with Olive Oil and Lemon

Cooking time:  30 minutes for menu          Cooking schedule: see below for instructions

   The 'green sauce' is a typical Mediterranean dish, this one a bit Spanish in flavor. An easy meal to end the week.

Shrimp in Green Sauce                           Preparation and cooking time:   20 minutes
    A typical 'green sauce' would be parsley, green onions and garlic.  If you can't get green garlic, use the substitutes.  This is reminiscent of the Italian Scampi, but without the butter....

12oz (360gr) shrimp (prawns), cleaned  
2 tbs olive oil
1 tbs fresh lemon juice
4 tbs chopped, fresh parsley
3 green garlic, including green tops  substitute 3 green onions and 2 cloves garlic

Trim green garlic, slicing off the root and removing 1 layer.  Thinly slice as much as you can, including the green tops.
OR trim the green onion the same way and slice; mince the garlic. 
Chop the parsley - I cut with a scissors.
Mix olive oil, lemon, chopped parsley and green garlic (or onion and garlic) in a medium bowl.  Add shrimp and combine.  Put into a small baking dish and bake, 400F (200C) 15 minutes, until shrimp are just cooked through.

Polenta with Fresh Herbs                              Preparation and cooking time: 15 minutes
     This is a simple polenta dish, allowing the flavors of the fresh herbs to dominate.  Check the package directions for quantity proportions. It should be like soft mashed potatoes.

1 cup (8oz, 240ml) chicken stock
1/4 cup polenta, quick cooking
1 tbs snipped fresh oregano
1 tbs snipped fresh chives
1 tbs snipped basil

Snip herbs.  Heat stock in a small sauce pan over medium heat.  When stock is simmering slowly pour in polenta, whisking constantly.  Cook, stirring constantly (seriously: constantly), about 5 minutes or until done. Stir in the fresh herbs. Cover and let sit 5 minutes.  Serve. 
If it gets too thick while resting you can thin with a bit of milk or more stock.

Asparagus with Olive Oil and Lemon        Preparation and cooking time:  20 - 30 minutes
    If the green asparagus is thick, peeling will help it cook faster and even the stalks will be tender. I always peel white.  A quick dressing of olive oil and lemon lets the fresh asparagus shine!

10oz (300gr) asparagus - more if you truly love it
1 - 2 tbs salad olive oil
1 - 2 tbs fresh lemon juice (half of a lemon)
salt and pepper

Snap off ends of asparagus.  If white use vegetable peeler and peel the bottom half of stalk, laying it flat to peel to prevent breaking.  Put into a skillet big enough to hold them without cutting, add water to cover bottom by 1/4 inch, cover and bring to boil.  Lower heat and cook just until done, 6 - 10 minutes, longer for white.  When done drain and put into a serving dish, drizzle with olive oil and lemon.  Add salt and pepper if desired and serve.

Cooking Schedule: 30 minutes for menu
Assemble all ingredients and utensils
Utensils: measuring cups, spoons, knives,
scissors, small bowl, small saucepan with lid,
whisk, baking dish, large skillet, lid

Turn oven on, 400F (200C)
Peel, clean shrimp if needed
Trim, slice green garlic or onion
Peel, mince garlic if used
Snip all herbs

Squeeze lemon
Heat stock for polenta
Combine shrimp, oil, lemon, parsley, green garlic/onion
Put in baking dish, bake
Trim asparagus, peel if needed, cook
Add polenta to stock, whisking
Add herbs to polenta, remove from heat, cover
       Pause while everything finishes cooking
Finish asparagus, Remove shrimp
Serve all

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