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Main Course Menu Plan: Week 12  Spring I

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Day 1: Lightly Smoked Cod

Total time: 30 minutes
  This is a cross between smoker cooking and grilling, and it flavored the cod perfectly:  a light smoke and dill combination.  It needed nothing else.

Lightly Smoked Cod Ingredients:


Day 2: Grilled Lamb Chops Dijon

Total time: 20 minutes
     Mustard, garlic and rosemary are the perfect flavors for lamb....

Grilled Lamb Chops Dijon Ingredients:


Day 3: Barbecued Chicken 

Total time: 60 minutes
  As it is assumed people want to do most things for themselves here, we have to buy the whole chicken and cut it up - otherwise we might not get the feet... Get a cut-up chicken or packages of your preferred pieces, freezing what you don't use for another day.

Barbecued Chicken Ingredients:


Day 4: Grilled Dijon Burgers with Onions

Total time: 25 minutes 
  Made with hot, spicy Dijon-style mustard and served with grilled sweet onions, these are not your normal burgers! Use more or less mustard if you like... you could even add a drop or 2 of Tabasco...

Grilled Dijon Burgers with Onions Ingredients:


Day 5:  Grilled Chicken Aioli

Total time: 30 minutes
  The marinade is quite thick and adds lots of flavor to the chicken.  It also protects it from drying out on the grill. It makes a nice presentation to slice the breasts, thinly, at an angle to serve.  

Grilled Chicken Aioli Ingredients:


Day 6: Caprese Pasta Salad with Salami

Total time: 25 minutes 
   Salami packs an enormous amount of taste into a very small package.  The Balsamic Vinaigrette enhances the sweetness of the salami and the mellowness of the mozzarella.

Caprese Pasta Salad with Salami Ingredients:


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