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Fresh Tomato and Green Olive Pasta

Total time: 25 minutes, 3 - 6 hours marinating
  This uses the best of the summer garden: fresh tomatoes and fragrant herbs.  6 - 8 hours is the perfect time for the sauce to blend flavors. The olives tend to loose flavor after a day, so I don't plan leftovers with this.

Fresh Tomato and Green Olive Pasta Ingredients:


Note:  The tomatoes, etc. need to sit without the pasta for the sauce to develop and the flavors to meld. 

To Peel Tomatoes:  Bring a medium pan 3/4's full of water to a boil on high heat.  Drop tomatoes in for 30 seconds - start timing immediately.  Remove tomatoes and drop into a bowl of cold water.  If you are doing a lot of tomatoes you will have to add ice or change water to keep it cold.  Now peel them with a knife or your fingers - peel will come off very easily. (You can peel peaches the same way) 

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