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 Sausage and Artichoke Quiche

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Sausage & Artichoke Quiche

Total time: 75 minutes
    The variations on quiche are almost infinite.  The sausage adds a lot of flavor - use any sausage you like, hot or sweet, squeezing it out of the casing to brown. Pre-cooking the rice makes it all come together quickly.

Sausage & Artichoke Quiche Ingredients:

 Instructions:quiche crust

Note:  I put the quiche/pie plate on a pizza pan before pouring the egg/milk over.  Makes it easier to get into the oven and catches any drips and spills - saving oven clean-up.

Second note:  My sausage meat is always quite dry.  I have to add oil to brown it and there is no extra fat at the end of cooking.  If yours puts off a lot of fat, drain it before putting in the quiche.

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