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Artichoke and Olive Mini Frittatas

Warm Salmon Salad with Spanish Rice

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Artichoke and Olive Mini Frittatas 

Total time: 35 minutes
    Mini Frittatas are very versatile:  They can be eaten hot, warm or cold; with a fork or the fingers; seated at the table or wandering around a party.  They are great for picnics and any event that needs food prepared in advance.  They're good the day you make them and the day after.  And they're delicious!

Artichoke and Olive Mini Frittatas Ingredients:


To pit olives: Place them on a board, lay the blade of a heavy knife flat on top and smack the knife, smashing the olive.  This cracks them and the pits can easily be picked out.  You could also use a meat pounder.

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