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Grilled Flank Steak
Potato Salad with Pimiento Dressing
Cucumber Salad

Cooking time: 25 minutes plus 10 earlier          Cooking schedule: see below for instructions

       Potato salad made with leftover Pimiento Dressing makes an easy dinner.   The cucumber salad needs a little advance work but can be done anytime during the day. I peel the cucumber because it's easier to slice - you don't need to.

Barbecued Flank Steak   

Total time: 25 minutes
     A simple marinade for a simple cut but it imparts lots of complex flavors.  To make the most of a flank steak, cook it quickly to medium-rare, than slice it thinly across the grain at an angle ...think of it as a square and slice diagonally from corner to opposite corner.

Barbecued Flank Steak Ingredients:


Note:  The photo is not a flank steak - we can't get them but this is fairly close

Potato Salad with Pimento Dressing

Total time: 25 minutes
  Pimientos or pimentos are similar to roasted red peppers.  They are a heart-shaped red pepper that is a bit more flavorful and spicier than a red bell pepper. They are almost always found, roasted and peeled, in jars.  Use whole if you can, or strips.  Substitute roasted red peppers if you can't find the pimientos. You can use more for a stronger dressing.

Potato Salad with Pimento Dressing Ingredients: 


Old-Fashioned Cucumber Salad

Total time: 10 minutes plus 1 hour
   This is my mother's recipe, as made by her mother.... Probably German in origin.

Old-Fashioned Cucumber Salad Ingredients:


Cooking Schedule: 25 minutes plus 10 earlier
Assemble all ingredients and utensils
Utensils: measuring cups, spoons, knives,
scissors, medium saucepan, strainer, deep bowl,
small bowl, marinating dish, barbecue grill, slicer

75 minutes (or more) earlier:
Peel, slice cucumber
Layer cucumber with salt, weight, set aside
Make marinade, pour over steak, refrigerate
25 minutes before dinner:
Put water on high heat for potatoes
Slice potatoes, add to water

Reduce heat, cook
Turn on/light barbecue grill
Get steak from fridge, let warm up a bit
Drain, rinse cucumbers
Snip all chives
Make cucumber salad
Drain potatoes, allow to cool
Cook steak
Make Potato Salad
Turn steak
Remove steak
Slice and serve

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