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Grilled Turkey Pesto Rolls
Faux Patatas Bravas
Green Beans with Butter and Pine Nuts

Cooking time: 40 minutes for menu      Cooking schedule: see below for instructions

      If you can't get thin turkey cutlets, you could use veal cutlets, or chicken breasts.   Pine nuts can be kept in the freezer.  The rest of the Pimiento Sauce will be used later.

Grilled Turkey Pesto Rolls

Total time: 35 minutes
  These are a bit fussy because each roll has to be tied separately, but they are well worth the extra time.  If doing for a larger group, assemble ahead. 

turkey rolls Ingredients:


Note:  If you can't get turkey cutlets, use 2 chicken breasts: cut almost through, starting on the 'straight' edge of the breast, giving you a pocket the shape of the breast with 1/2 inch of 'uncut' chicken around 3 sides. Fill the 'pocket with pesto, Prosciutto and basil, tie and grill.

Faux Patatas Bravas 

Total time: 35 minutes
   These are not as hot as the 'real' ones in Spain.  If you would like more heat add red pepper flakes or a few drops of bottled hot sauce.  The translation is 'Fierce Potatoes' (not 'brave'). The Pimiento Sauce is enough for 2 dishes.

Patatas Bravas Ingredients:


Leftover Pimiento Sauce can be used with grilled chicken breasts or grilled fish or grilled pork chops. Use half for the Patatas Bravas.

Green Beans with Butter and Pine Nuts

Total time: 20 minutes 
  I like the flavor pine nuts add, just sprinkling a few on a vegetable or salad can turn a plain dish into something a little more special.  Quickly sautéing them in butter adds a light toasting.

Green Beans with Butter and Pine Nuts Ingredients:


Cooking Schedule: 40 minutes for menu
Assemble all food, utensils and serving dishes
Utensils: measuring cups, spoons, knives,
medium bowl, small saucepan with lid, saucepan with
steamer basket and lid, barbecue grill, grill pan for
potatoes, basket or mat for turkey, barbecue tools,
kitchen string, blender

Turn on/light barbecue grill
Mix vinegar, oil for potatoes
Cut potatoes, add to vinegar/oil, stir
Put potatoes in pan, cook
Assemble turkey rolls, tie, set aside
Chop shallot, mince garlic
Sauté shallot, garlic, chili powder

Add remaining ingredients for pimiento sauce
Bring pimiento sauce to boil, reduce heat, cover, cook
Top, tail beans, cut, put in steamer basket, steam
Mind the potatoes
Purée pimiento sauce, keep 1/2 warm, 1/2 in fridge
Start to cook turkey rolls
    Pause while it all cooks
Turn turkey rolls
Remove beans
Mind the potatoes
Empty steamer pan, add butter, pine nuts, sauté
Add beans to pine nuts, stir
Add pimiento sauce to potatoes, stir, add paprika
Remove turkey rolls, snip string, Serve it all

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