This week on the Menu we have:

scallop risotto
Scallop and Saffron

roast chicken
Roast Chicken on a Bed
of Onions

beef onions
Hamburger Steak with
Cheese and Fried Onions

Weekly Menu Planner: March 1, 2013

       We're using some different things this week: Beets (Beetroot), Crème Fraiche, (more expensive and higher in fat than our usual Greek yogurt but it was worth it for the Risotto), Pearl Couscous and saffron. 
Sunday we have our last hearty soup of the winter season. We'll soon be starting the transition to summer cooking.
   Bon Appétit!

Day 1:  Scallop and Saffron Risotto
Simple Fresh Spinach Gratin

Day 2:   Roast Chicken on a Bed of Onions

Day 3:   Soupe À L'Oignon (French Onion Soup)
Baked Apples

Day 4:   Chicken Tetrazzini
Balsamic Glazed Beets (Beetroot)

Day 5:   Hamburger Steak / Cheese & Fried Onions
Potato Carrot Pancake

Day 6:   Turkey with Feta, Peppers and Olives
Pearl Couscous

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