This week on the Menu we have:

braised lamb and potatoes
Braised Lamb with
Potatoes and Onions

pork chops mushrooms
Pork Chops with
Mushroom Pan Sauce

chicken paprikas
Chicken Paprikas over

Weekly Menu Planner: February 1, 2013

       The Lentils and Chickpeas will be for two meals and there will likely be a bit of lasagna leftover. You can use pork loin in place of the lamb if you prefer.
   Bon Appétit!

Day 1:   Baked Salmon with Creamed, Browned Onions
Basmati Rice Pilaf
Broccoli with Mustard Sauce

Day 2:   Braised Lamb and Potatoes
Lentils with Chickpeas

Day 3:   Beef and Broccoli Lasagne
Fresh Fruit

Day 4:   Chicken Breasts Balsamic
Sautéed Potatoes, Onions and Mushrooms
Lentils with Chickpeas, leftover

Day 5:   Pork Chops with Mushrooms
Barley with Red Onions and Olives
Sautéed Sunchokes

Day 6:   Chicken Paprikas over Pasta

Shopping List for this Week


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