Thyme for Cooking: Tools and Equipment

My tools vary with the seasons, the type of cooking and my mood.  Some are essential, some unique and some just fun.   I will try to keep them in some sort of order but, to start there will simply be two groups

Essential Tools and Nice to Have Tools and Gadgets

Essential Kitchen Tools

Pots & Pans:  These are American sizes with my estimates for conversion to cm - the sizes do not have to be precise

Knives: If you are watching your pennies watch them elsewhere - get the best knives you can afford and keep them sharp.  I (usually) sharpen mine on a steel before every use and once a year (or so) I take them in to a professional sharpener.

Other Kitchen Tools

Serving dishes 

Nice to Have Kitchen Tools

Pots & Pans


Other Kitchen Tools

Serving Dishes

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