6 Day Menu Plan: Week 5  Spring II

This week on the Menu we have:

shrimpShrimp Persillade

lamb beansRoast Lamb, Breton Style

 pasta with LambPasta with Lamb and Beans, Greek style

Weekly Shopping List 

        We're doing things a bit differently this weekend - a big dinner on Easter Sunday so an easier, lighter  one on Saturday.  The Lamb Dinner will serve 4 - 6 with no leftovers, so have guests. (But you'll need a replacement dinner on Monday if you do.)  We've add Greek olives and feta to our summer staples this week.
   Bon Appétit!

Day 1:  Shrimp Persillade over Pasta
Roasted Asparagus Balsamic

Day 2:  Asparagus and Chevre Quiche

Day 3:  Roast Lamb, Breton Style
Sautéed Potatoes

Day 4:  Pasta with Lamb and White Beans leftovers

Day 5:  Sweet and Sour Chicken
Barley with Chives
Broccoli with Green Garlic

Day 6:  Turkey Lo Mein

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