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Total time: 1 hour 20 minutes
   There are as many recipes for Ratatouille as there are cooks who make it.  And as many methods.  Some call for cooking it all together in one pot for hours, some in separate pots for 30 minutes, some for sautéing first, others for roasting.  This is my way,  I think sautéing the vegetables first highlights their individual flavors.  The one universal is the list of vegetables (although not their ratio) and stirring in fresh basil at the end!

Ratatouille Ingredients:


Note: It took me about 35 minutes to do the chopping and sauteing; everything was tender and well done in 30 minutes but I let it simmer for 45.

Note 2:  Peel tomatoes by blanching in boiling water for 30 seconds first.  The peels slip off easily.

The leftovers:

Ratatouille on Couscous 

Total time: 15 minutes
    There are almost as many ways to serve leftover ratatouille as there are to make it in the first place!

ratatouille couscous Ingredients:


Cold Ratatouille Salad  

Total time: 5 minutes
   Another simple dish using leftover ratatouille.

ratatouille salad Ingredients:


Note:  If you have some olives or feta lurking in the fridge, chop and add!

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