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Green Beans with Prosciutto and Garlic Chips

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Green Beans with Prosciutto and Garlic Chips

Total time: 20 minutes
     I used the flat, Italian beans for this but any tender green bean will work.  Garlic chips are not as strong as you might think, and they get lovely golden and crisp. You can just used the garlic-infused oil if you think the chips might be too strong.... but, taste one....  Sage is good with beans, a change from the more traditional savory.

Green Beans with Prosciutto and Garlic Chips Ingredients:


Note: If making in advance, when beans are done plunge into cold water to preserve color.  Remove and drain.  When ready to finish put beans on a baking sheet and into a warm oven, 220F (100C) to warm for 5 - 10 minutes.

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