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Upside Down Yorkshire Pizza Pie

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Upside Down Yorkshire Pizza Pie

Total time: 50 minutes
    This is an easy one-dish meal, quick prep work and 30 minutes baking time.  The top is a simple popover batter that puffs up high, and gets a lovely golden brown.

Upside Down Yorkshire Pizza Pie Ingredients:


Note 1: The quickest way to remove the sausage from the casing is to slit the casing, lengthwise with a sharp knife.  Open the casing like a book and scoop out the sausage.

Note 2: This is just a little too much batter for my taste; but cutting the recipe in half yields too little.  You can use it all, (I have, and it works fine - just a bit too much to eat) but the last time I made it I ladled out 1/2 cup of the batter (and threw it out) before pouring it on top.

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