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Velvet Corn Soup

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Velvet Corn Soup

Total time: 15 minutes
   Soups are usually included with a Chinese meal, though not as a first course.  Traditional meals do not have courses unless they are banquets.  We modify it to suit our own customs.

Velvet Corn Soup Ingredients:


*Note:  The easiest way to separate eggs is to crack it and dump it in your clean hand.  Let the white run through your fingers into the bowl and discard the yolk.  Or you can, carefully, transfer the yolk from eggshell half to eggshell half - this keeps your fingers clean.  I don't do this because our eggshells have not been washed like they (usually) are in the U.S.  I know my fingers are clean. 

I have no use planned for the egg yolks.  You can refrigerate them and use them in omelets, freeze them and save them for baking, (see tips) or discard them.

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