Main Course Menu Plan: Week 11  Winter II

Day 1: Sautéed Sole with Browned Butter and Capers

Total time: 10 minutes
    Sole is a delicate fish with a mild flavor that pairs well with lemon and capers.  It's normally served with the tail and bones intact: just skinned and cleaned but not filleted. They cook very fast and if you are not careful when you take them by the tail to turn them over the skeleton will come away in your hand.  The flesh comes away easily with a fork to eat.  Or, even better, buy them skinned and filleted.

Sautéed Sole with Browned Butter and Capers Ingredients:


Note 1:  You can cook them slightly underdone, to this point, then put them on a platter, cover them loosely with foil and put in a 200F (100C) oven to keep warm.

Note 2: If you get sole filets, they will cook even faster.  Use a long spatula to turn them carefully.

Day 2: Veal Parmigiana

Total time: 30 minutes
    A classic on every Italian menu, and one that is easy to make at home  The veal is lightly breaded and quickly fried.  We topped it with a slice of Mozzarella di Bufala, not traditional, but very good.  You could substitute turkey cutlets or chicken breasts, pounded thinly, for the veal, but they will require longer cooking.

veal parmesan Ingredients:


Day 3: Italian Beef & Cabbage

Total time: 80 minutes 60 minutes baking
    A little bit of prep and an hour to bake, gives you a hearty casserole full of good food: cabbage, brown rice, onion, garlic, tomato; while you do something else.

Italian Beef Cabbage Ingredients:


Day 4: Chunky Turkey Hash

Total time: 30 minutes
    I buy turkey tenderloins for use in dishes like this.  If they are too large for a single meal I cut them in half (or whatever) and freeze the rest.  The tenderloin is very lean, takes on other flavorings easily and can be cut to size.

Chunky Turkey Hash Ingredients:


Day 5:  Upside Down Yorkshire Pizza Pie

Total time: 50 minutes
      This is an easy one-dish meal, quick prep work and 30 minutes baking time.  The top is a simple popover batter that puffs up high, and gets a lovely golden brown.

Upside Down Yorkshire Pizza Pie Ingredients:


Note 1: The quickest way to remove the sausage from the casing is to slit the casing, lengthwise with a sharp knife.  Open the casing like a book and scoop out the sausage.

Note 2: This is just a little too much batter for my taste; but cutting the recipe in half yields too little.  You can use it all, (I have, and it works fine - just a bit too much to eat) but the last time I made it I ladled out 1/2 cup of the batter (and threw it out) before pouring it on top.

Day 6: Chicken Braised in Sherry Vinegar

Total time: 25 minutes
    This is a slightly spicy. slightly tart sauce, simply reduced a bit and served with the onions. 

Chicken Braised in Sherry Vinegar Ingredients: 


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