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 Polenta Pizza with Ham and Mozzarella 

Polenta Pizza with Ham and Mozzarella

Total time: 25 minutes
    There is Polenta Lasagne... Why not Polenta Pizza?  I'd seen recipes floating around and finally decided to try it myself.  Very quick and easy and holds together amazingly well.  You need to eat it with a fork, but it's as flexible as a regular pizza for toppings, and much simpler.  It's easiest with a traditional, round 13" (32cm) pizza pan with a lip, but you could use any similar size pan, even a cake sheet.

Polenta Pizza with Ham and Mozzarella Ingredients:


Note:  If using fresh mozzarella, you may notice a bit of 'water' around the edges of the pizza after baking.  I used a fresh paper towel to soak it up before serving.  No effect on the pizza ;-)

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