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Grilled, Brined Turkey Breast with Allioli

Total time: 60 minutes plus 5 earlier
   I used a boneless, skinless turkey breast for this, that was tied into a roll.  It doesn't need to be boneless,  but do take the skin off if yours comes with it on; it lets the brine permeate better.  You can tie it into a round shape or leave it as is.  You could also use turkey tenderloins.  Cooking times will vary according to the weight and thickness.  An instant read meat thermometer is great!

Grilled, Brined Turkey Breast with Allioli Ingredients:


Note:  You could add a few wood chips, that have been soaked in water for 15 minutes, if you like a smoky flavor.   You could also bake it in a 400F (200C) oven for about the same amount of time.


Time: 15 minutes
   This is the Spanish/Catalan method, without egg yolks.  It's heavy on the garlic, and very hot!  Yes, garlic packs a lot of heat when fixed this way!  You can cut it with commercial mayonnaise if you like.  This makes about 4 tbs of allioli. It can't be made ahead as it tends to 'break' upon sitting - still good, but it has to be pounded back together. 

aioli Ingredients:


Note:  If you don't  have a mortar and pestle you can use a small, deep bowl (ceramic if possible) and the round handle of something - table knife, spatula, rolling pin, something fairly large.  You could also mash the garlic and salt into a paste on a plastic cutting board (or in a heavy food bag) with a meat pounder, first, then put it into a bowl and incorporate the oil using a fork or whisk. Just remember that the garlic needs to be really mashed or it won't accept the oil.  And if nothing seems to work, just add the mashed garlic and oil to some mayo.....

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