Thyme for Cooking: The Well-Stocked Pantry

As an adult I have never lived within walking distance of shops of any kind - unless you count 4 km (2.5 mi) walking distance.
For exercise it is; for a forgotten egg in the middle of dinner preparations, it is not.  
Since the majority of my adult years have been spent in places where there are vast quantities of snow I have kept a pantry that could feed us for at least a week (admittedly not always well but that's beside the point).

Because my summer cooking differs from my winter cooking, my pantry is also seasonal.  Standard pantry items will be followed by summer and winter additions.

Stocking The Main Pantry

Pantry Herbs: dried or frozen for winter; fresh for summer

Pantry Spices

Fridge Pantry - and used most weeks

Winter Pantry Additions

Summer Pantry Additions

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