Main Course Menu Plan: Week 6  Winter I

Day 1: Crusted Sole

Total time: 15 minutes
     Sole is a delicate, flavorful fish.  Here it has a light coating of crumbs.... Not so much as to overwhelm it.

Crusted Sole Ingredients:


Day 2: Braised Pork with Leeks

Total time: 1 hour 30 minutes 
       Braising does wonderful things to a pork roast: keeping it moist and making it very tender.   This is served with a White Wine and Leek Sauce. 

Braised Pork with Leeks Ingredients:


Day 3: Turkey with Horseradish Sauce  

Total time: 30 minutes
      You can use turkey tenderloin - sliced horizontally to make cutlets, or kept whole and simmered another 10 minutes, then sliced before serving.  The combination of mustard and horseradish gives this dish an interesting 'warmth', but not heat like pepper sauce would.

Turkey with Horseradish Sauce Ingredients:


Day 4: Tuna and White Bean Enchiladas

Total time: 35 minutes
     A different twist on the traditional enchilada, this has a white sauce, white beans and white cheese... Enchilada Blanca....

Tuna and White Bean Enchiladas Ingredients:


Day 5:  Chicken with Whole Grain Mustard Sauce

Total time: 25 minutes
  Whole grain mustard and white wine, slightly reduced, make a lovely, light sauce for the chicken, bursting with flavor but low in calories.

Chicken with Whole Grain Mustard Sauce Ingredients:


Day 6: Ground Beef and Savoy Cabbage Lo Mein

Total time: 25 minutes  
   Stir-fries cook quickly and are very flexible when it comes to ingredients.  I always try for a mix of colors, textures and flavors... Savoy cabbage works in place of the more traditional bok choy.

Ground Beef and Savoy Cabbage Lo Mein Ingredients:


Note:  To measure pasta. 4oz  (120gr) is about 1 1/4" (3cm) diameter bunch (make a circle with thumb and index finger - you want it a little bigger than an American quarter, about the size of a 2 euro coin)

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