Main Course Menu Plan: Week 4  Winter II

Day 1: Pasta with Mediterranean Meat Sauce

Total time: 35 minutes
     Sherry and paprika from Spain; olives from Italy, Spain and Greece; feta from Greece; red peppers from France; capers and tomatoes from everywhere... An International dish! If you have ham left from the holidays use that rather than the ground beef - if you like....

Pasta with Mediterranean Meat Sauce Ingredients:


Day 2: Braised Veal with Olives and Capers on Gnocchi    

Total time: 1 hour 10 minutes
     Large pieces of tender veal, braised with 2 kinds of olives and finished with capers; all in a simple white wine sauce.

Braised Veal with Olives and Capers Ingredients:


Day 3: Turkey Cutlets with Mustard and Onion Pan Sauce

Total time: 25 minutes
  Turkey Cutlets with whole grain mustard and onions - simple, but full of flavor.

Turkey Cutlets with Mustard and Onion Pan Sauce Ingredients:


Day 4: Chicken Breasts / Tarragon Mushroom Cream over Pasta

Total time: 30 minutes
      Chicken breasts, sautéed with shallots and mushrooms, finished with a luscious Tarragon Cream and served over pasta, simple mid-week meal worthy of your best china! 

Chicken Breasts / Tarragon Mushroom Cream over Pasta  Ingredients:


Day 5:  Coquilles Saint-Jacques

Total time: 30 minutes
     If you are getting scallops in their shells, the shells make a lovely presentation.  I love scallops but do not like the coral.  Remove it or not as suits you.  Be careful not to overcook the scallops.  This used to be very decadent ... I made it recently and trimmed back the fat a bit.  Still...  I only do it once a year.

Coquilles Saint-Jacques Ingredients:


Day 6: Split Pea Soup

Total time: 1 hour 30 minutes
   Traditionally made with a ham bone or ham hock, I made this with a slab of local, dry-cured ham.  Regular baked ham would work as well.  This will make 4 servings.

Split Pea Soup Ingredients:


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