Main Course Menu Plan: Week 2  Winter I

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Day 1: Red Sauced Shrimp

Total time: 10 minutes 
     This is one of those dishes that can be as hot or not as you like. The ginger, garlic and red pepper flakes add the heat but you could also add other hot sauce to taste.

Red Sauced Shrimp Ingredients:


Day 2: Braised Lamb with Red Peppers

Total time: 1 hour 15 minutes 
     The red peppers and orange carrots combine for a very vibrant dish - both in color and flavor. You could substitute pork.

Braised Lamb with Red Peppers Ingredients:


Day 3: White Chili

Total time: 45 minutes
    It's not really white, just not red, like traditional chili. For that matter, it's not really chili either.  It IS delicious, and chock-a-block with vitamins.  The green chiles add heat, as does the Tabasco.

White Chili Ingredients:


Note:  I used the bean cooking liquid with 2 tbs chicken base added in place of the chicken stock.

Day 4: Pork Lo Mein with Peanut Sauce

Total time: 25 minutes
   Stir-fries cook quickly and are very flexible when it comes to ingredients.  I always try for a mix of colors, textures and flavors... And whatever is left in the fridge.  Amounts are not precise, just try to keep it balanced.

Pork Lo Mein with Peanut Sauce  Ingredients:


Day 5:  Meatballs in Red Wine Sauce over Pasta 

Total time: 30 minutes
    Think Boeuf Bourguignon without the time and effort.

Meatballs in Red Wine Sauce Ingredients:


Day 6: Chicken with Onions, Bay and Thyme

Total time: 35 minutes
     We think of bay leaves as something that is used in tomato based dishes, but they have a wonderful flavor that marries well with thyme, and shines through in this simple dish.

Chicken with Onions, Bay and Thyme Ingredients:


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