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Thyme for Cooking: Make 'dinner-time' easy

-------Thyme for Cooking has changed-------

The Menus are now grouped by season, and a full season's menus are available all the time.

Seasons can vary from climate to climate (and by hemisphere).
This gives you more freedom to choose the menu that is right for you, when you want it.

If you have been following the menus your current menus is:

Winter II: Week 13

Your next menu is:

Spring II: Week 1

Everything else remains the same - the menus, shopping list, recipes.... (except the links in the bar at the top, of course)

Let me know if you have questions - or what you think.

Do you want to eat healthier meals? 

Eat more vegetables? asparagus

More whole grains?

Less processed food?


Do you want to relax; have fun in the kitchen?

But don't have time to do the planning?


Do you want to stop making (and eating) too much food?


A Weekly Menu Plan can help

7 Day Menu

6 Day Menu

6 Main Courses

All recipes use fresh, seasonal produce.

Shopping lists help use your time more efficiently and control costs.

Enjoy menus with variety - recipes are rarely repeated within the year. 

Plan ahead - many weeks include one or two (or more) items that are planned for more than one meal.

And now..... The details:

The Shopping List:

The Recipes:

You will see recipes that use 1/4 cup of polenta, or 1/3 cup of rice.  I plan carefully to not make too much food.  We have 'planned-overs' not leftovers.